87-Year-OId Doctor Braves COVID-19 Pandemic To Treat Villagers In Maharashtra

by samreen

While the COVID-19 phase led to hardships for many, healthcare facilities in villages were severely affected, but even during this crisis, an 87-year old doctor from Chandrapur continued braving the pandemic to reach his patients on a bicycle and provide them treatment. The homoeopathic doctor, Dr Ramchandra Danekar, travels 10-15 kilometres on his bicycle daily to provide door-to-door medical treatment to the poor for close to 60 years
“For the last 60 years, I’ve been visiting villagers almost daily. Due to fear of COVID-19, doctors are scared of treating patients but I have no such fear. Nowadays, young doctors are only after money, they do not want to serve the poor,” Dr Danekar told ANI


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