Calcutta High Court directs all Durga puja pandals in state to be made into ‘No entry zones’

by samreen

As Durga Puja festivities in West Bengal are gearing up in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic, Calcutta High Court on Monday directed that all 34,000 Durga Puja pandals in the state to be made “No-Entry” zone for visitors. All these pandals to be barricaded in order to prevent large gathering amid pandemic outbreak.

The court also directed that list of names of organisers to be put up outside pandals and only they can enter for puja-related works. In total, only 25 people will be allowed at a time, including organizers.

Among the details, the court highlighted that five metres beyond the extremities of the small pandals and 10 metres beyond the bigger pandals are to be barricaded and demarcated as no entry zones.


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