Catholic Association of South Kanara files forgery case against M F Saldanha

by samreen

The president of Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) Dr Derek Lobo has filed a forgery case against former Karnataka High Court judge M F Saldanha and one P B D’Sa, alleging the duo of trying to tarnish the image of CASK and its office bearers.

In a complaint filed with Mangalore North Police, Lobo stated that he was elected as president CASK at the annual general body meeting held on September 19, 2010. “Saldanha, the immediate past president of CASK for two terms, was coopted as member of the governing council for 2010-12. Ever since he failed to become president a third term, he has been hurling false accusations against CASK and its office bearers,” he alleged, according to a report appearing in on February 19, 2012.

Lobo stated: “He published ‘The Report of the People’s Tribunal Enquiry’, in which he claimed to be the president of CASK and alleged that its present council is loyal to the saffron lobby and the Sangh Pariwar. Later, the council passed a resolution in its meeting on May 3, 2011, declaring that Saldanha shall cease to be member of CASK governing council. Later, Saldanha joined hands with D’sa and e-mailed a letter to many making several false allegations against CASK. He added that in August 2011, the deputy superintendent of Excise alleged that CASK brought and sold liquor from Goa, to which he had replied. “A few days later, a fabricated letter containing derogatory statements about the excise department and excise minister was circulated to all members of CASK, written in my name and in the name of Clarence Pais, a senior advocate. The signatures in them were forged electronically,” he alleged. He added that Saldanha also accused him of transacting $119,000 in the US with a fabricated letter. Justice Saldanha had pulled up the office-bearers and member of the association on different grounds, the first being that the association had used the underworld and the mafia to threaten him during the previous election. He had also taken the association members to task for holding a reunion party at the Mangalore Club in which a truck load of liquor smuggled in from Goa was used to treat guests. Other charges of the Justice Saldanha included that the association accepting a bribe of Rs 1 crore, and keeping money ( $ 119,00) collected for the century fund in a personal bank account outside the country. It is also said that the association’s annual accounts dated 4-6-2011 was published in a blank form without being signed by the president, secretary or treasurer. It was rubber-stamped on the same day by the auditor – Rudolf Rodrigues. In a reply to these charges, the association issued three circulars on June 1, 6 and 9 this year admitting the transactions and also tried to defend them. Several months later, when the government authorities started investigating these transactions, the president, for the first time disputed the circulars and his signature. Saldanha had placed the material before the deputy registrar of cooperative societies calling upon him to hold an investigation. However, there has not been any order on the issue for the past five months.

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Notwithstanding the high office of judge of Karnataka and Bombay High Court that he adorned, retired judge Michael Saldanha does not think twice before stooping to the level of forgery with the purpose of tarnishing the image of people, who pose a challenge to his authority.

After failing in his attempt to become the President of Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) for a third consecutive term, Justice Saldanha resorted to circulating a fabricated letter in the name of the new President of CASK Dr Derek Lobo containing derogatory statements of the Excise Department and the Excise Minister by electronically forging the signatures, besides making false allegations against Dr Lobo. He had even placed the fabricated material before the deputy registrar of co-operative societies, calling for an investigation merely to hound the CASK President. EoM

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Seby Mavely
Seby Mavely
1 year ago

Sad and disappointing to note that a person who has held such a high profile in the Judiciary of the country seems to go too substandard.

Reply to  Seby Mavely
1 year ago

yeah but sometimes people misuse their powers…

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