Con Artists Summon “Alladin” Sell His “Lamp” To UP Doctor For 31 Lakh

by samreen

Two men have been arrested in western Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut after they allegedly cheated a city doctor of ₹ 31 lakh by selling him “Aladdin’s lamp” – the magical artifact from the popular Middle Eastern folk tale that brings forth a wish-granting genie when it is rubbed.


The con artists even managed to summon a “genie” from the lamp to convince their victim, according to the doctor who was cheated.


Dr LA Khan filed a complaint with local police on October 25, describing in detail how he had been swindled by the now-arrested men – Ikramuddin and Anees. According to the doctor, he first met them when he began treating a woman they described as their “ailing mother”.


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