Delhi and Kerala have conducted the most tests in the past two weeks.

by samreen

Festive cheer spoils recovery

WEST BENGAL is witnessing a rise in covid-19 cases ahead of Durga Puja, even as the virus spread is slowing down in most parts of India. The state added over 4,000 new active cases this week, the highest in India.

On Thursday, India had 715,812 active cases, a 10% drop since last week, shows official data. Among the states with the most active cases, Delhi and Kerala have conducted the most tests per million population in the past two weeks, and West Bengal and Maharashtra, the fewest

The positivity rate, or the likelihood of a positive virus test, has risen in Kerala and West Bengal, but has declined in other states. Covid-related deaths in the country reached 116,616 on Thursday. West Bengal beat Delhi to report the sixth highest toll.


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