Formal Legal notice to Bishop, June 15:

by samreen

Retired High Court judge M F Saldanha retired from service in 2004. But, continues to use the emblems of Karnataka and Bombay High Courts in the letters, e-mails and his other written communication.

The formal legal notice served to Bishop of Mysuru Williams and Archbishop of Bengaluru Dr Peter Machado against the transfer of priests in Mysuru and Bengaluru diocese is on the premise that all transfers had been banned by the Government during the pandemic. Far from banning transfers, the Government of Karnataka had only informally to put off general transfer of Government employees this year. How can the same apply to the priests when the Church is not a Government institution? Even the Government has been transferring IAS and IPS officials during the pandemic.

If Mr Justice Saldanha is convinced that the Bishop of Mysuru and Archbishop of Bengaluru had violated the “Government ban”, he should approach the courts to get the transfer orders revoked instead of threatening them with legal notices and labelling them as “deshdrohis”.


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