Interim reply by Saldanha – June 12:

by samreen

Retired High Court judge M F Saldanha retired from service in 2004. But, continues to use the emblems of Karnataka and Bombay High Courts in the letters, e-mails and his other written communication.

In this interim reply, Mr Saldanha is trying to disown his charge that Rs 49.5 crore had been collected for Coorg Relief Fund by claiming he is not good in maths. It clearly indicates that he come out with numbers according to his whims and fancies and without any documentary evidence. To be taken seriously, Mr Saldanha will do well to support his charges with documents.

Referring to his allegation that the Bishop throws a party to the police every week at Hotel Southern Star, it would be surprising if the media, which is so active nowadays, would not have got the wind of such activity through leaks from either the police department or the hotel staff. It will go down as yet another wild allegation that Mr Saldanha levels.


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