Letter from Mr Saldanha dated May 28 titled “Williams’s latest atrocity”

by samreen

Retired High Court judge M F Saldanha retired from service in 2004. But, continues to use the emblems of Karnataka and Bombay High Courts in the letters, e-mails and his other written communication.

Mr Justice (retd) Saldanha has described the transfers effected by the Bishop in May 2020 as “William’s latest atrocity”. But, the priests have been transferred as part of the routine to churches that have a decent infrastructure and enough population residing in the vicinity. Mr Saldanha is making a mountain out of a molehill by claiming that the priests, who had complained against the Bishop, had been transferred to “remote villages, where there is not even drinking water”.

If Mr Saldanha has so much concern for the priests, what does he have to say about the condition of the priests, who had been relieved by the transferred priests? Clearly, Mr Saldanha has a vested interest when he interferes in the routine affairs of the Mysuru Diocese and demands that the transfer orders of the priests be revoked.


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