Recorded E-mail Letter to Bishop, May 19, 2020:

by samreen

Retired High Court judge M F Saldanha retired from service in 2004. But, continues to use the emblems of Karnataka and Bombay High Courts in the letters, e-mails and his other written communication.

Justice (Retd) M F Saldanha appears to be intimidating the Bishop by questioning the cause of Father William Albuquerque’s death, which took place on intervening night between March 2 and 3, 2020, and claiming that sixteen national and international organisations were conducting a forensic investigation into his “untimely and unnatural” death. None of the investigating agencies are named in the letter.

It is common knowledge that apparently healthy persons can die after a sudden cardiac arrest. But, Justice (Retd) Saldanha, who is prejudiced against the Bishop, questions not only his decision to rush to Mysuru from Bengaluru on March 3, but also for personally taking charge of the body. As a Bishop, he had to shoulder all the responsibilities due to a priest after he learnt about his sudden death.

Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is India’s premier investigating agency that looks into cases that highly sensitive involving high-profile persons, but Mr Justice (Retd) Saldanha claims that a CBI probe is being sought into the priest’s death as the “investigating bodies” do not have confidence in the local police. Yet, Mr Saldanha displays a dichotomy when he claims
he has independently complimented the Mysuru police for the “excellent work” they are doing.

Mr Saldanha, in the letter, alleges that the Bishop is not revealing the post mortem report of Father William Albuquerque’s death. Mr Saldanha will do well to understand that post mortem reports can be easily obtained from the Forensic Department by any of his investigating authorities if at all they were carrying any investigation as claimed by him.


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