Recorded Email Letter to Bishop on June 8, 2020 that is signed by PA to Justice (retired) Saldanha

by samreen

Retired High Court judge M F Saldanha retired from service in 2004. But, continues to use the emblems of Karnataka and Bombay High Courts in the letters, e-mails and his other written communication.

The opening para of this email once again emphasises for the umpteenth time in various communications made by the retired judge to the Bishop that Mr Justice (retd) Saldanha is the only Indian judge to have been rated among the world’s ten best judges before reiterating that Bishop William must step down. Would the survey by International Jurists Association dating back to 1996, 97 and 98 to bestow such an honour on Mr Saldanha be still valid even after two decades and more than 16 years after his retirement is something the Association should answer.

Continuing the allegation spree against the Bishop, the recorded email sent by Mr Justice Saldanha’s PA alleges that an amount of Rs 6 crore collected by the Bishop from the people of Madikeri, Mangaluru, Mysuru and Bengaluru as relief fund to help the people affected by the devastation in Kodagu following the floods of 2018 has disappeared. Let there be an inquiry into the matter the recorded email suggests. An impartial inquiry will help find out if there is any truth the retired judge’s charges against the Bishop of misusing the relief fund.

The recorded email describes Lashkar Police Station as William Police Station. Is it fair for a recorded email sent on behalf of a retired judge with 42 years of experience in the judiciary to describe a police station in such loose terms just because things did not go the way he desired? With regards to the sexual harassment case involving Sahana, no evidence could be found against Bishop William. And Sahana herself has clarified that the allegations against the Bishop were far from true.


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