Surat sweet shop launches special gold sweet at Rs 9,000 per kg

by samreen

A Surat-based sweet shop has launched a gold sweet named ‘Gold Ghari’ ahead of Chandi Padvo festival.

Ahead of Chandi Padvo, a festival falling a day after Sharad Poornima, a sweet shop in Surat has launched ‘Gold Ghari’–a different version of ghari, a sweet dish from Surat.

The shop owner said, “It is available at Rs 9,000 per kg. The normal ghari is available at Rs 660-820 per kg.”

“We have launched ‘gold ghari’ this year. It is healthy. Gold is considered a beneficial metal in Ayurveda. It has been three days since its launch. Demand is a little below expectation as market is sluggish. We hope it will get good response in the coming days,” he added.


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